"Open your circle, become free in yourself and the outer world!"

Therapy according to the Niek Brouw Method

A holistic approach to wellness.

Are you seeking relief from physical pain? Emotional or psychological distress? Are you wishing to deepen your personal relationships, self understanding and spiritual growth?I work on all of these levels. You choose what is right for you.

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About Me

Working in the healing arts since 2001, I have helped clients and students over the years using various methods. From an early start in dance, art, and teaching yoga, to a career in psychotherapy treating clients and training new therapists. I have always valued an integrated approach to health through mind, body, and spirit.Today, using the Psychomotoric therapy method, I work with my patients to help release psychological pain and patterns acquired over the life course. This method helps alleviate physical pain and tension while also addressing emotional imbalances and developmental disturbances.I have studied Psychomotoric therapy since 2001 through workshops by Tim and Jane Heintzelman, who have a practice in San Rafael, CA. I began training and practice as a therapist in 2018, traveling to The Netherlands for founder Niek Brouw, MD's lectures, workshops, as well as collaborations with other psychomotor therapists at the Vitaal clinic.


PSYCHOMOTORIC THERAPYA session with me is a mix of discussion and physical exercises. We talk about where you feel stuck and where you'd like to be. I share aspects of a developmental model that can help contextualize your situation, and I lead you through physical exercises that work to build a solid foundation on the inside and more harmonious expression to the outside.

  • Though the developmental model we can identify areas of your life that are stuck due to disturbances: trauma, conditioning, illness, injury, unmet needs.

  • We look at psychological defenses and how to get below your initial habituated reactions to the root feeling and need so you can move forward and grow!

  • Stretches provide a physical reset, a shift in perception, and initiate movement towards greater balance and health. Exercises may stimulate, relax, or rebalance stuck patterns of overuse or suppression.

  • The goal of this treatment is working towards greater balance, freedom, and wholeness for each individual.

This method can be used as a short term application for singular complaints as well as for on-going disturbances rooted in personal, communal, and intergenerational trauma.Patients seeking information and experience that can be applied outside of sessions and integrated with an existing view of healing, will benefit most.*Psychomotoric Therapy is a unique healing modality, and is not psychotherapy.

PSYCHOTHERAPYI am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and offer talk therapy through a separate practice. There I facilitate insight oriented therapy using methods such as existentialism, attachment based and trauma informed techniques. I lean on cognitive and somatic interventions to support increased awareness, self regulation, and healing.This practice does not include a physical assessment or hands on techniques. It utilizes a different set of somatic interventions, namely grounding and self soothing techniques such as breathing, self touch, and visualization. Psychotherapy services may be reimbursed by your health insurance.If you prefer traditional talk therapy, you can learn more by clicking the button below.

Niek Brouw's Method

Dr. Brouw has developed a method, which enables patients to achieve greater physical freedom in posture and in movement.The method works on the principle that a unique individual needs unique exercises for each unique occasion.Each patient’s treatment starts with a physical diagnosis during which the therapist observes the mobility of muscles, skeleton and joints to establish the present physical state. The therapist often involves the patient in the analysis of their findings and acts as a mirror to help the patient become aware of their own body.Dr. Brouw has created hundreds of exercises based on the ‘muscle chains’ and dimensions of the body. These exercises deal with acute injuries and pain and also address the underlying causes of muscle and joint pain and physical as well as mental restrictions.Doing the exercises regularly at home is part of the therapy and is the patient’s own responsibility. Taking this responsibility is integral to the therapy and is essential to the alleviation of often long term complaints.

GDS Muscle Chains


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